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I've been building things with computers since I was in elementary school and drawing and painting since before I was born (probably). In 2004 I leveraged my red-hot passion for making art into some freelance illustration and animation work. In spite of my wishes, word inevitably leaked out about my otherworldly ability with computers, and I started picking up various web jobs, too. Since then I've done both, so if you're looking for web work or an illustration, get in touch.

As an owner of a tech company for over 35 years, I've seen plenty of website gurus. But few as good and conscientious as Matt. I consider myself very fortunate to have found him to do my personal website work. He's very intuitive on grasping the desired look and feel, very quick in putting great creative graphic design together, very thorough, and all at a very low cost. A pleasure to deal with.

- Duane Daggett,