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We built the Timber Creek Outdoors site to appeal both to consumers and dealers. Consumers can get product info, shop, log in to track their order history, find a nearby dealer, and use various forms to get assistance or ask a question. Dealers can log in to update their location info and place orders with special dealer pricing. The main concept for the design was done by Wil Askew. I modified his visual mockups for usability and stretched his concept for the various different sections Timber Creek Outdoors and I came up with.

Always Uncool is a brand I created to express a philosophy of mine through tangible merchandise (and overpacked sentences (like this one)). The idea for the first iteration of the site was to see how quickly I could make a functional e-commerce using WordPress, WooCommerce, and Divi. It was pretty quick!

New designs coming in 2017. was originally created as a simple blog where I could chart my Japanese progress. As I began receiving requests for my Anki (flashcard) decks, I started publishing word lists that could be downloaded into Anki on the site. The site is built with Drupal 7 and the Zen theme.

I'm currently working on on-site flashcards and social features.

This site is a project initiated by my dad and I as a way to explore our interest in the adult coloring trend. It's been a good lesson in starting with a minimum viable product, doing small tests to gauge interest and viability, and slowly developing and pivoting the site to work with our findings. I've also discovered that I enjoy making coloring pages.

I met Duane Daggett through my friend and colleague, Gene Shands, who did the visual design for the site. Duane wanted a website to show off his beautiful cars, a conversion kit '62 Corvette and not one, but two '56 Chevy Bel Airs! Duane has been a pleasure to work with throughout the process of building the site, adding new content, and periodically making changes.

I’ve been working with VaneTec since 2010. I built their site from an original design by Gene Shands. We discussed the types of users they expected for the site and came up with a plan that would serve them all: VaneTec can edit and moderate content on the site themselves, customers can upload photos with their product and apply to be staff shooters, and dealers can register and edit their locations on the dealer map.

S4Gear was originally started by some of the same people I worked with at BowTech. Gene Shands and I put together a really slick website that mirrored the aesthetic and functionality of the outdoors accessories that S4Gear was manufacturing. As S4Gear grew we continued to add facets to the site. Some of their products were aimed at several, distinctly separate markets (bird watchers and hunters, for example), so we developed the site into four sub-sites that ran on one backend. This helped to organize and maintain content that was sometimes available on all four subsites, sometimes only on one, and ensured that bird watchers didn't have to see pictures of people holding dead turkeys!

S4Gear has since changed ownership and their website has moved on, but the original site remains in my memory as one of my favorite web projects.

In the middle of my freelance career I spent a little over a year working full-time at BowTech Archery. During my time there I updated and managed 7 websites, including the server that housed them. This included several informational commercial sites with community features we built, a shopping cart site that I set up and maintained, and being involved in a number of redesigns. Among other things, I also edited video, created web banners, and learned a bit about designing print materials.

Below I've included a selection of screenshots from a few of the sites I was responsible for. Many of the designs for the sites were done by Creative Director Gene Shands or Art Director Wil Askew. I did have input on the designs as they pertained to the functionality of the sites, and sometimes greater influence. For isntance, I did the design and building for the Waterdog site shown below. I've also included web banner designs, some gif and some Flash swf files, and a few designs for full size physical banners that were used on the BowTech booth at a trade show.