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In the middle of my freelance career I spent a little over a year working full-time at BowTech Archery. During my time there I updated and managed 7 websites, including the server that housed them. This included several informational commercial sites with community features we built, a shopping cart site that I set up and maintained, and being involved in a number of redesigns. Among other things, I also edited video, created web banners, and learned a bit about designing print materials.

Below I've included a selection of screenshots from a few of the sites I was responsible for. Many of the designs for the sites were done by Creative Director Gene Shands or Art Director Wil Askew. I did have input on the designs as they pertained to the functionality of the sites, and sometimes greater influence. For isntance, I did the design and building for the Waterdog site shown below. I've also included web banner designs, some gif and some Flash swf files, and a few designs for full size physical banners that were used on the BowTech booth at a trade show.